The Web of Things for Creators

Directly from Web Interface

Using only HTML5

Discover Waelice the first interactive modular light powered by WeIO platform

Plug & Web

Forget software installations. With WeIO your objects contain all necessary tools and applications that give you the power to create their inteligence and modify them anyway you like it, in realtime.

Web & Things

WeIO is a Web of Things platform. It lets you connect and control your objects from any device using only your web browser. Connect easily objects between them or with Internet services like social networks.

Wireless & Less Wires

Forget all your cables. WeIO gives your objects Wi-Fi connectivity, making them mobile and easy to reach, program and control from anywhere you are.

Welcome web designers !

WeIO advanced tools give you all the power of writing rich HTML applications that easily control electronics. No need for Linux system programming, cross compiling or low level hacking. Concentrate on Design and Innovation!

Async core: multi-tasking made simple

WeIO has a deeply embedded asynchronous core. You want to drive an LED matrix screen while your server is checking Twitter? In addition to that, your application is communicating with many different devices? No problem! WeIO's intelligent API runs multiple procesess concurrently without complicated sync problems and lets you complete control even if you are not a skilled programmer.
WeIO is based on Python powered Tornado WebSocket server and lets everybody quickly design asynchonuous event-driven web applications using the best of Web standards, like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery powered JavaScript.

WeIO hardware

WeIO hardware is specialy tailored to meet the needs of rapid prototyping and final product integration. It is based upon huge experience in physical computing and product design by WeIO's powerful Atheros CPU has Wi-Fi radio capability integrated in it's core and plenty of RAM.Linux system has been customised and pre configured for efficient execution and comes with a rich toolset for application building. While Atheros CPU offers you base architecture with all confort of use, additional ARM Cortex processor is providing numerous GPIOs, Analog to Digital Convertor, PWM signal generator and native interfaces for Serial port, i2c and SPI interfaces. WeIO board is self sufficient but micro SD slot is added for additional storage needs.

Web Dev

WeIO integrates a cutting edge web based code editor that helps you write, test and debug your applications in realtime. But that's not all, WebScope are oscilloscope and signal generator that presents you what is going through the wires, right in your web browser or smart phone.

WeIO is Open

WeIO embraces FLOSS philosophy and is published under GPL Licence 3. WeIO is based on confirmed and robust Open Source technologies like OpenWRT Linux, Facebook Tornado, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and Python. Don't hesitate to join us, let's develop great and more humane technology for real people.